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‘Reborn #6:’ Comic Book Review

For those looking to avoid any spoilers, please read all of the following Reborn issues (or reviews) before continuing:

Reborn #1, Reborn #2, Reborn #3, Reborn #4, Reborn #5

Reborn fights fire and brimstone and the horrid wickedness of the afterlife with its hero, Bonnie – a glimmer of hope raging forward, from Issue #1 to the concluding Issue #6, until her inner light becomes a burning bright star destroying anything in its path.

With such a dynamic premise, discovering a world of good and evil after death, creators Mark Millar and Greg Capullo bring this story arc to a satisfying conclusion. Writer Millar has captured our main character, Bonnie, as she deals with her fears of the unknown after death in Issue #1 to her attempts to understand and cope with another world that views her as a hero – destined to save all of the good people of Adystria. Millar designs the people of this world to be as strong as they were in their past life. Those that were monstrously evil became filled with equally potent dark strength. Those that were good, and in the case of the destined “Queen and Protector of all Adystria,” was as kindhearted as anyone had ever seen, and her skills became that of an almighty queen.

Artist Capullo designs a world with luscious lands on one end and barren shadows as its counterpart, with equally terrifying creatures within. In this particular chapter of the series, Capullo draws Bonnie and her journey to face an endless army of evil with grisly close-ups of the enemies and heroes, further building anticipation and intensifying action sequences. Inker Jonathan Glapion and colorist Fco Plascencia finalize this story, and all of the other chapters, with excellent shading and amazing colors blended together.

As with many great stories, the mixture of vibrant colors, heroes to cheer for, villains to be afraid of, and a story you want to continue reading is what makes Reborn a title worthy of wanting the story to go on and on. Despite having a fantastic ending, which is a difficult task when certain death isn’t looked to be a tragedy, but a “meant to be” moment, this story has that feel to it – the “let’s have more, please” feel. This chapter captures the building momentum that’s been gaining since the first issue and bulldozes its way onto the pages. There aren’t any questions left to explain, other than whether there are going to be more chapters. If there are more chapters, will they include savior Bonnie or will there be a pre- or post-world storyline leading to or from the end of this story?

A hint of this is mentioned in a post-series interview listed at the end of this comic book, which does reference continuing this series in more than one format, including TV and a board game. This issue also includes concept artwork by Capullo.

Reborn #6, a product of Image Comics, is now available in print and digital form.


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