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‘The Adventures of Superhero Girl (Expanded Edition):’ Advance Hardcover Review

The Eisner Award for “The Best Publication for Kids (ages 8 – 12) is the what. Writer and artist Faith Erin Hicks is the who. And The Adventures of Superhero Girl is the why. The 2014 award winner and Dark Horse Books will reintroduce Superhero Girl in a soon-to-be-released expanded hardcover edition, which will include new stories and artwork.

Superhero Girl is a genuine want-to-be superhero, without a flashy costume and with a big gaping hole in her bank account and a roommate who only wants her to go out to a party from time to time…and maybe share her superhero trade secrets too. Hicks creates a fun, relatable character by exploiting Superhero Girl’s desire to be noticed, or at least appreciated, while she does what she loves to do – “POW!” – fight crime. In this story, we explore what it’s like to be a superhero without a tragic past or an exotic social life surrounded by expensive cars. Nope, Hicks showcases her own genius by allowing the reader to see all of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that truly weigh on the mind of this kindhearted hero, and by doing so, all of the frustrations and all of the happy moments present us with a beloved Superhero Girl.

Not only does Hicks shine at creating comical dialogue, her comic strip-designed illustrations allow an up-close look at each scene, further emphasizing a connection you feel with the main character. Her drawings are simply this: fun to read. As seen in the free preview pages on, you have your first glimpse into the hero trying to lead a normal life; doing her laundry and leaving the cape in the dryer, searching for an archnemesis, because she doesn’t have one, and of course, forgetting to take off her mask at the public library. Who doesn’t forget to take off their mask when they’re not fighting crime? These first few pages alone give you a wonderful idea of the clever storytelling throughout the edition, as well as colorful images by Cris Peter.

Peter brings loads of various colors to this story, with each scene having distinct changes in hues and shading which help to elevate or minimize the tiny, checkered backgrounds seen throughout. With a story that’s both visually stimulating and entertaining to read, this story makes a perfect read for parents who want it all to themselves or to show off to their kids how they found a cool story for them to read. If this were the end of the year at Fanbase Press, this would make the holiday gift guide list, for sure.

The Adventures of Superhero Girl (Expanded Edition) is available to pre-order before its release date on Wednesday, June 14.


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