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‘Strawberry Shortcake: Funko Universe’ – Advance Comic Book Review

First looking at Strawberry Shortcake: Funko Universe, I was delighted by the delectably fun design of the the cover. Purple Pie Man and Berry Bird are vinyl figures made up in 3D, as if they were clay dolls in packages waiting to be ripped open and devoured. Clever, cute, and playful – it’s a perfect way to start a youthful comic. The comic does not disappoint, as it is filled with vibrant colors and enticing visions of food in a plethora of forms. There are pies everywhere, houses made of pies, curly hair representing meringue, apples on trees, and surrounding it all are rainbows and bright sunshine. Even the ominous, dark sky is filled with color. The artists paints the world of Strawberry Shortcake the way a child would envision it, and as it should be… utterly edible.

In this issue, the town is holding a baking contest, and Strawberry is going to be a judge. Everyone is trying to find ways to get on her good side in order to obtain good marks on their entries. Purple Pie Man decides he must stop Shortcake from judging his pie or he’ll never win. Trouble ensues. The storyline is a bit long for younger audiences. With multiple added subplots, while cute, they are not necessary to the main Purple Pie vs. Strawberry plot, thereby extending the ending. The subplots tie in if the audience intended is older. If it is meant for older audiences, the dialogue should shift to a more mature tone or at least a more complex sentence structure. Right now, it is a little confusing who the writer’s audience is, as it seems to differ from the artist. The piece could work both ways and would actually be fun for adults who enjoy anime and kawaii. Kids would eat it up – literally. The issue just has to be more clear who gets to eat the pie – older or younger audiences. What is clear either way is that the images and ideas swirl you into a confectionery heaven. This comic is not one to miss.

Christina Brookman, Fanbase Press Contributor



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