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‘Inspector Oh #3:’ Comic Book Review

Ziyi’s brilliant plan to spirit herself and Oh out of the underworld brings the pair back to earth at a funerary offerings stall in a busy marketplace, startling everyone present!  Fortunately, the man recognizes the renowned exorcist and sets the pair on a path to a nearby valley where evil lurks.  Maybe the answer to Oh’s crazy trek to the land of the dead can be found in a creepy, mostly abandoned locale?  

Inspector Oh #3 contains just as much fun and slapstick humor as the previous issues, but it adds some bittersweet introspection when there’s a brief introduction to Oh’s past.  By journeying to the land of the dead, he’s given up memories of his wife and Ziyi’s parents, and there’s no guarantee that he’ll get them back.  This snippet offers insight into the love Oh and his niece share, as Ziyi provides great insight into the beauty of getting to meet a loved one for the first time again.  Add a sassy, little, not-quite-human girl determined to protect her aged “mommy and daddy,” and the theme of this issue of Inspector Oh is definitely family.

As always, the Inspector Oh artwork is fun and cartoony, which helps draw readers into the story even when there are unfamiliar elements.  There’s a nice blend of still sequences and action in this volume, as well, which is fun to compare from frame to frame.

I enjoyed the previous Inspector Oh issues, but the start of a strong story arc in issue #3 hooked me.  What other secrets may be in Oh’s past? What’s up with the super strong child with geriatric parents? Why doesn’t anyone else live in the valley?  How did Oh manifest Brick outside of the land of the dead?  I’m sure that we’ll get at least some of these answers in upcoming issues, and I cannot wait!

As an added bonus, I know that Inspector Oh #1 is available at select retailers nationwide. (Does Austin, TX count as nationwide?)  I spotted it at a local comic book shop on Free Comic Book Day, so check your store to pick it up.

4.5 Overzealous Merchants out of 5

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