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‘The Wicked + the Divine: 455 A.D.’ – Comic Book Review

As another arc of The Wicked + The Divine passes, we are once again gifted a look into the past with another one-shot. This time, we turn to Rome, as the creative team takes a new view into the history of the once and now great civilization, this time focusing more on one of our less-attended-to Gods, Lucifer. While their passing in the main story was something both fans and the characters themselves still feel, getting a chance to give Lucifer the spotlight is a great way to still showcase the skills of the mischievous deity.

Taking a page from history and adding a twist, the pillaging of Rome by the Vandal army in 455 A.D. sets the stage for Lucifer’s own rebellion. Adding a new wrinkle to the story, it’s not the Vandals that sack Rome, it’s Lucifer that revels in the destruction of the Vandals, proclaiming themselves the leader of the new Roman Empire.

Without giving away too much, it’s not pretty: what happens to Rome, to Lucifer, or what comes after for the Romans. It’s an interesting twist to a piece of history, given that fantastic Wic/Div flair. While Kieron Gillen is still running the show as a writer, we get to see another artist shine. With this new one-shot, acclaimed artist André Lima Araújo gets to play in this world, and he does a fantastic job. It’s a great looking book, and while Jamie McKelvie is always missed, there’s something to be said about a new artist getting a chance to make their mark on the series.

To be honest, I’m not always sold on these one-shots. They’re fun, but there’s nothing like the original series to really show off a fantastic team. But by all accounts, it’s a nice, little palette cleanser to enjoy before heading into the next story arc.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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