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‘Back to the Future #19:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Hey, future fans!  Question for you…

What is your ultimate, favorite time-traveling franchise?  If time travel were possible, what theory makes the most sense to you?

Is it Doctor Who?  Or what about Hermione’s time turner from the Harry Potter series? 

For me, Back to the Future has to be the best time-traveling storyline—hands down!  I don’t know why, but there’s something about the flux capacitor and a DeLorean that just makes sense!

Which reminds me about IDW Publishing’s ongoing comic book series about alternate timelines from Back to the Future.  Storywriters (and legends) John Barber and Bob Gale have done a fantastic job at introducing new characters, and even filling in theories from plot holes left in the original trilogy.  We’ve learned what happened to Marty McFly after his adventures in the Old West, and at some point we discovered where The Doc came up with the idea for a flying locomotive.  Why, just last month in Back to the Future #18, Doctor Brown told his new friend, Professor Irving, a story in which he traveled to the future to get an anniversary present for his beloved Clara.  But little did he know that one of his own sons, Verne, had accidentally stowed away in his famous traveling car! 

And this month—well—don’t get me started on this month!  Marty does some “hard time” in Back to the Future #19, and we know it’s going to be another who-knows-how-long mini-series as it’s subtitled, “Hard Time, Part 1.”  But we’re not talking jail time—at least—not yet we’re not!  But when Marty’s Uncle “Jailbird Joey” gets out of jail, leave it to Marty to want to dig up the past and discover what sent his favorite uncle to serve time in the first place…

As I mentioned earlier, John Barber and Bob Gale have done a beautiful job at reintroducing characters from the original trilogy.  Who knew that Marty’s Uncle Joey would become his own storyline years later.  Throw in some stunning, lifelike artwork by Marcelo Ferreira and dark colors by Jose Luis Rio, and you have one of the best ongoing series in the industry right now.

Well, at least until “Jailbird Joey” finds a way to ruin it…

Until next month,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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