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‘Back to the Future #18:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Where, oh where, has our precious time gone?  Oh where, oh where can it be?

Has it seriously been 2 months since my last review for IDW Publishing’s Back to the Future series?  I never got my hands on Biff to the Future, but at least it’s nice to know we didn’t get a Donald Trump-like character running the world…oh wait…

If I recall correctly, we last left our favorite time-traveling duo in the never-ending storyline of “Who is Marty McFly?”  But after being chased by look-alike robots and a trip back in time to the Pleistocene Era, Doc and Marty connived to have Professor Irving see the worst in himself. (Literally!)  Although, in true Back to the Future fashion, it was that unforeseen character—The DeLorean—who saved the day!  Or it at least saved Doctor Brown from erasing his timeline and helped Marty discover just how McFly he really is…

Which brings us to this month with Back to the Future #18 and “Stowaway to the Future,” in which Professor Irving helps the Doc repair the DeLorean so that he may return to his beloved Clara.  But with Irving’s own first date about to take place, the Doc can’t let him leave without a story.  And it’s a good one about how Doctor Brown once forgot about his anniversary, so he traveled to the future to get Clara something extra special.  But it wasn’t too long before he realized that a stowaway had ventured on his adventure—his own son, Verne!

As always, leave it to master storytellers and writers John Barber and Bob Gale to continue to whet our appetites with alternate timelines from some of our favorite science fiction characters.  Not only do we have a current ongoing timeline, but we even get stories from the past, which make this entire series a timely perfection.  Now add beautiful artwork by Marcelo Ferreira, along with inks and colors by Maria Keane and Jose Luis Rio, respectively, and you have yourself one of the best comic book series in the industry right now!

Now, if only these stories will come true and give us flying cars by October of this year…

Until next month,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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