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‘The Wicked + The Divine #28:’ Comic Book Review

The end of “Imperial Phase (Part One)” is here, and with it comes one hell of a party.  This is a pretty stark contrast to the way the rest of this arc has gone, with most of it being a bit more dour, what with this whole “Great Darkness” thing coming, and all of the Gods being a bit more divided on the whole subject, and each other.

But for now, a party – one with some big twists, some interesting turns, and some casual sex. You know, typical Gods stuff. As Ameratsu throws the big gathering, the tryst between Persephone and Sakmet continues, Cassandra and The Norns continue to try to figure things out, and more importantly, we finally get some good character development for both Sakmet and Ameratsu who haven’t gotten as much love as Baal and some of the other Gods.

While most of the big changes come in the forms of conversations and not actions, this was a really good read. And a fitting end to this arc, as it sets up some major events to happen once this book comes back, and it gives us some fun things to think about in its absence.

Everyone, this book is really good. Jamie McKelvie, Kieron Gillen, and Matt Wilson are at the top of their games with this book and looking like they’re having a great time. It’s still so gorgeous to look at, and while I think it’s coming to an end relatively soon (My best guess is within the next year, perhaps after “Imperial Phase (Part 2)” ends.), this is one of those titles that is a can’t miss every month.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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