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‘Dark Horse Number Ones:’ Advance Trade Paperback Review

Dark Horse gives its fans – and anyone interested in taking a glimpse into successful runs in the comic book world – a collection of first issues that will capture your attention. In today’s comic book world, there are an endless number of titles listed online in locations like ComiXology, or in your local comic book shop. When you stop by to take a look, the experience might be overwhelming if you’re uncertain of what you’re looking for. Now, in enters Dark Horse Number Ones 2017 – a collection of eight comic books from different series.

With eight number ones to peruse, you’ll quickly learn that the unique cast of characters and storylines involved will leave you entertained and intrigued for more. Stories range from a murder mystery under the sea, to a dangerously corrupt, isolated society, to witchcraft – all of which allow their stories to take center stage, while varying artwork attempts to capture the essence of each individual comic book. Dept.H follows Mia, a young woman who happens to be following up with the “USEAR – Underwater Science Exploration and Research,” searching for her father’s killer. The artwork looks like you’re watching one of those documentaries that describes how to illustrate classic cartoons. The story immerses you underneath layers of secrecy that will take many follow-up issues to unravel.

Briggs Land takes the bull by the horns, while its main character Grace Briggs takes control of the family business from her husband. This business is a separatist community, and it thrives independently from the rest of the world; however, Grace decides it’s time to protect it above all else, particularly her husband who happens to be behind bars. There isn’t any hiding from the tension built within this story, which might explain why it’s currently in development to become a television series.

Harrow County looks and feels like a great TV show or at least a mini-series. The actions of many determine the fate of one, and the ultimate penalty seems to linger in the ether, floating on the surface, waiting for a spark to ignite everything. Creepy imagery, along with a promise of witchcraft, seems to surround Emmy as she deals with nightmares and abnormal circumstances on the family farm. The conclusion of Harrow County #1 will leave you disturbingly quivered and equally ready for the next chapter in the series.

Dept.H, Briggs Land, and Harrow County are only three out of the eight number ones available in this trade paperback. It’s already worth buying, and that’s before mentioning a ’60s-style assassin disguised as a homemaker, a pair of uniquely odd superhero teams, fun-loving, professional bounty hunters, and the big, red guy you might have heard of – Hellboy. This edition collects a plethora of tales distinct from one another that will make it very likely you’ll find yourself wanting to read more.

Dark Horse Number Ones is available to pre-order before its release on Wednesday, March 29.


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