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‘TMNT Ongoing #68:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Okay, now where were we?

Let me rephrase that…  I know where we are (an evil universe where somehow the “King” of New York—Donald Dump—has become President #45), but I’m really dying to know where we left off in IDW Publishing’s ongoing storyline for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Between this series and the who-knows-how-long-it-will-last miniseries TMNT Universe, it’s hard to keep up with what all our favorite heroes-in-a-half-shell are up to. 

If you recall, last month in TMNT #67, the Earth Protection Force (EPF) captured the meanest Mutanimal of them all, Slash.  After Agent Bishop used Slash to capture and harm the rest of his “kind,” only Hob was left to save his family. 

Meanwhile—speaking of family—the Turtles seem to be fighting more amongst each other these days than clobbering their own enemies.  With Splinter on his own as the head of The Foot Clan, Leonardo struggles to lead his brothers on the same path. 

So, now that we’re caught up to speed, this month’s TMNT #68 is hard to take in.  After Slash’s big event, some Mutanimals are still in urgent care, with one that may not even recover at all.  But when Ray distracts Agent Bishop and the rest of the EPF, it allows some of his friends to escape, leaving them to fend for themselves in whatever way suits their personalities best.  But Bishop isn’t done with his experimentation just yet, because he’s about to use Slash against the Turtles next…

The world of comic books seriously doesn’t get any better than a storyline written by Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz.  These guys are some of the best in the biz, and they have some of the best illustrators working for them, as well.  Artist Mateus Santolouco and colorist Ronda Pattison make sure our heroes look their best every month, and all five of them really bring these stories to life. 

Now, if only these Mutants really could clean up the city.  Perhaps we could put them to good use by cleaning up Washington, as well…

Until next month,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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