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‘Doc Yeti #1-2:’ Comic Book Review

Doc Yeti is the kind of bizarre story that just can’t help but draw you in. It has everything: noir, action, mystery, comedy… and yetis. I don’t think I’ve ever read a comic about yeti culture before. It’s intriguing, to say the least.

In a world where humans and yetis have overcome their differences and now live and work side by side in relative peace and harmony, Dr. Yeti Fuk’son is practically a rock star. A police detective, he solves high-profile cases, taking down bad guys and throwing witty puns.

Or at least, he did. Two years later, he’s a drunken, disgraced, unlicensed private eye who’s lost everything and appears to have given up hope. But when the opportunity arises to solve a particularly baffling murder—and reconnect with his estranged daughter at the same time—Doc Yeti finally gives in.

In the second issue, we get a tiny bit of the backstory of what led Doc Yeti into this downward spiral. We also get to see both him and his daughter attempting to investigate the case in their own ways, and learn more about their entire family and the dysfunction behind them.

It’s very easy to get into this story. There are times when it’s difficult to keep up with what’s going on, as the action moves pretty quickly, and the backstory less so. That’s by design, though. It allows us to get caught up in what’s going on right from the beginning, even while the details unfold more slowly. The end result is that I’m not only curious to see what happens next, but to find out more about what happened previously.

It’s also a great send-up of classic noir detective stories. It’s got its share of references and self-referential humor, with a number of quirky and sometimes hilarious side characters that add flavor to the mix. All in all, this is a fun, crazy, highly enjoyable comic. Allison Solano’s quirky, funny writing style melds perfectly with Sean Morgan’s artwork to create a title that’s definitely worth a read. If you like strange, quirky stories, noir mysteries, puns, and/or yetis, then do yourself a favor and check out Doc Yeti.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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