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‘Giant Days: Volume 4’ – Trade Paperback Review

If you’re uncertain about what comic book to buy next, especially because one issue might not give you all that you’re looking for as it builds upon an origin story or what to expect from particular characters, then bypass any number ones and pick up Giant Days: Volume Four. This BOOM! Box trade paperback collects issues 13 through 16, as writer John Allison dives further into the wonderfully entertaining lives of college freshman roommates Daisy, Esther, and Susan. Not only does a fourth volume suggest the success of Giant Days as a proven commodity, the stories told within these pages by Allison are brilliantly funny by providing the reader with three characters who are constantly building upon their friendship, watching them grow before you as they navigate their daily lives. Or perhaps you’ll just enjoy the regular banter they have with each other, and toward the rest of the world, as they search for a new place to live, attempt to find a job, enter a film festival, and look for romance in all of the places. (Whether any of them are right or wrong, you’ll get to see first-hand.) If you need any more proof, it’s literally printed right on the cover – “Will Eisner Nominee for ‘2016 Best Writer’ and ‘2016 Best Continuing Series.’”

Now, let’s discuss the cover page that grabs your attention like only Esther can: dressed in a skeleton long-sleeved shirt, some kind of shredded gray and dark gray leggings, big black boots with skulls on the tips, wiry gloves, and magenta eye shadow smeared down her cheeks. The makeup covering part of her face is a nice addition by artist Lissa Treiman, as it blends with the hot pink background surrounding the rest of the page. Esther’s one outstretched arm lets go of a corded microphone and it hits the ground, which should ultimately push you over the edge to peeking inside. She dropped the mic – that’s the moment proving something amazing has happened, or a ridiculous burn has taken place. In her case, there’s a good chance it’s both.

Giant Days is illustrated by Max Sarin, with inks by Liz Fleming, colors by Whitney Cogar, and letters by Jim Campbell. The artwork keeps your attention with all of the little details on each page. On the very first panel, you get a glimpse into Esther’s bedroom and her Gothic mystique – various horror posters on the walls, a stitched teddy bear after being dissected, and the continuing love of skulls draped over her bed and mirror. The abundance of colors throughout, matched with amazing facial expressions, deliver a series that perfectly captures the moods of our main characters as they teeter the line of sanity, and sometimes drunkenness.

If the question about what new comic book to buy is always on your mind, then this four-pack in one edition is the perfect answer to your next comic purchase. Whether you’re already a fan or a newcomer, this series will keep your interest well after the last page. If you happen to be late to the Giant Days party, whatever you do, don’t tell Daisy.

Giant Days: Volume 4 is available in print and digital form.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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