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‘TMNT Universe #8:’ Advance Comic Book Review

They say that we can be our own worst enemies, and it’s true.  How often do we fight with ourselves over the trivial things in life?  How often do we struggle with our own inner demons more than others?

Well, that seems to all be happening in IDW Publishing’s ongoing comic book series, TMNT Universe.  Last month in Issue #7, Donatello literally had to fight himself!  Well, after fixing up Metalhead, he quickly discovered that his own subconscious was still tucked away inside the robotic Turtle.  Believing he was the real Donnie, Metalhead was not about to have two Donatellos around. 

This month, in TMNT Universe #8, Metalhead—excuse me—Metal-Don escapes before Donatello can figure out how to convince his younger self to control himself.  But once our heroes-in-a-half-shell figure out that Metal-Don went back to Professor Harold’s old laboratory, they’re too late before Metalhead gets some major upgrades…

Meanwhile, Raph continues the ways of the ninja as he finds peace in “What is Ninja?” But, what does he find when he’s not strong enough to save everyone?

Congratulations to writer Ryan Ferrier on another issue well done.  His ongoing storyline continues to entertain, while still adding depth to our ever-growing characters.  Throw in artwork and colors by Adam Gorham, Joshua Hixon, and fan-favorite Ronda Pattison, and you’ve got a series that I hope goes on for just as long as the original.  The same goes for Brahm Revel’s dark art and story about Raphael. 

In the meantime, I wonder if (and when) we’ll see Metalhead again…

Until next issue,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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