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‘Inspector Oh #2:’ Comic Book Review

Inspector Oh #1 ended with Ziyi valiantly trying to return her uncle to life with a magical pearl.  The latest issue proves our fierce heroine succeeded, but Oh . . . well, isn’t quite back to his old self. (He initially confuses Ziyi with his nephew, Ging Han – of course, that’s pretty classic for the crazy exorcist.)  Before their reunion can be complete, the pair has to escape from Hell and return to the land of the living, but without Oh’s powers, it could be a complicated task!

One throwaway line from Ziyi reveals a breadth of backstory about the scrappy, young fighter: “It’s like Mom always said…’If it weren’t so much fun saving him, your uncle wouldn’t be worth all the trouble he causes.’” Like mother, like daughter it seems!  Whether Oh and Ziyi are blood relatives or not, the history between them spans time and generations, and I can easily see Ziyi’s mother being an older version of Oh’s protector, following after him to pull him out of scrapes; however, the Ox Head’s reaction to Oh shows that his reputation as an exorcist precedes him, even in Hell!  He may be forgetful, feckless, and horribly disorganized, but Oh’s abilities to battle the supernatural are first rate!

The consistency of the art style from issue to issue of Inspector Oh really ties it all together.  If you ever wanted to see an ox-headed, demonic beastie look frightened and sheepish, you definitely need to read this issue.  The action sequences also pop off the page in a nice, all-ages way, but I love the humorous bits that help highlight how out of touch our “hero” can be.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT start Inspector Oh with issue #2, because you will miss out on the fun setup for the story.  It can be enjoyable on its own, but I feel reading the entire arc is the best way to really experience the kooky exorcist and his warrior niece.  Besides, you have to understand Oh’s thought process to get the impact of his sudden clarity in the final panels.  Where will his realization lead Oh and Ziyi? Only Issue #3 will tell!

5 Incredible Inverted Burnt Offerings out of 5

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