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‘Back to the Future #17:’ Advance Comic Book Review

My fellow time travelers, I can’t believe that today was the first time I set foot in my local comic book shop all year!  I was so behind in purchasing my latest comics for my ever-growing collection that I’ve especially missed my Back to the Future stories. 

At least I’ve had the privilege to read John Barber and Bob Gale’s ongoing storyline, thanks to Fanbase Press.  This month brings us to Part 5 of the who-knows-how-long series, “Who Is Marty McFly?”

Last month, in Back to the Future #16, Doc’s “friend in time”—the one who started this all, making Marty question what is real and what isn’t in his own timeline—Professor Irving, sent Doctor Brown and Marty back to the Pleistocene Era.  Naturally, however, the Doc always has a back-up plan, and thank goodness he didn’t need his flux capacitor to warn him about Irving’s evil scheme. 

Oh yeah, and there are robot Doc and Marty’s involved.  I kid you not…

This month, in Back to the Future #17, leave it to our favorite character in this entire franchise—the one we don’t even realize is an actual character—the DELOREAN to save the day!  And when the situation gets worse than robots who look like you wanting to kill you, leave it to another unexpected character to not only save the day, but to also save the Doc and Marty’s entire timeline…

Only story writers John Barber and Bob Gale could create a 5-part series that delves into the psyche of a feeling we can all relate to: loneliness.  When Marty realizes that Professor Irving was simply trying to fill a huge void in his life—something in which we’ve all felt time and time again (pun intended)—Barber and Gale’s story unravels itself easier than a cat playing with a ball of yarn.  Throw in some beautiful artwork by Emma Vieceli and colors by Jose Luis Rio, and you have an ongoing series that should be in every BTTF fan’s collection. 

In the meantime, I leave you with the beloved words of our dear friend, Doctor Emmett Brown himself:

“Time is a mysterious mistress, Marty!  Best not to play games with her.”

Until next month,


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