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‘Back to the Future #16:’ Advance Comic Book Review

A few months ago, I called a bet on how long IDW Publishing’s ongoing Back to the Future series would allow its current storyline, “Who is Marty McFly,” to last.  So far, we’re on Part 4…

While trying to settle on what actually has and “hasn’t” happened to him, Marty begins another adventure with his best friend, Doctor Emmett Brown.  This time, a “friend in time” of the Doc’s is involved, and so are his Marty McFly robots!  (No. That’s not a typo…)

This month, in Back to the Future #16, Professor Irving finally gets his revenge on Doc Brown and Marty by sending them back…to the Pleistocene Era!  (19654 B.C. to be exact.)  Let’s just say that I always thought going all the way back to the Old West was a bit too far, but I never imagined I’d see Marty and a saber-tooth tiger together in the same comic book!  And leave it to the Doc to always have a plan up his sleeve.  Or in his car?

Once again, I congratulate story writers John Barber and Bob Gale for adding these “alternative facts” to the Back to the Future universe.  It’s frightening to know that these alternate adventures are as scary as the “alternative facts” of our current every day lives.  At least there are no robot lookalikes chasing after us all…yet…

Hopefully, Part 5 will bring a confusion to the nightmare of this current Future…

Until next month,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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