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‘Giant Days #23:’ Advance Comic Book Review

If you were asked twenty years ago, “Who are some of your favorite comic book characters?” – what would your answer have been? If you’re asked that question now, how can the response not include Daisy, Esther, and Susan? This power trio from Giant Days are completely unique on their own and blend together to create a wonderful mix of stories continuing their run as part of BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios.

Giant Days #23 immediately intrigues the reader with its cover crafted by Lissa Treiman. Is it possible to say a police lineup never looked so entertaining or at least described each character quite so well? In this case, we find our leads expressing completely different emotions as they stand in front of a green wall holding their “I’ve been arrested” nameplates. From left to right, Susan appears inconvenienced as she looks off to the side, Esther looks down at her sign with concern, and Daisy holds her sign upside down, too distraught to notice, as tears burst from her face, filling her glasses and streaming down her cheeks.

This opening translates to the feelings shown in previous issues, and fans find another reason to follow creator and writer John Allison’s storytelling. Allison begins this tale as Esther and Susan take down Halloween decorations. As the “most wonderful time of the year” passes and a discussion of memorable costume choices begins, they talk about a potential job at a comic book store, while one “subtly” mocks the other for visiting a store once. It is a funny exchange like this one that represents such a clever ability to tease one another, while unknowingly making fun of themselves, creating a self-deprecating approach that is genius.

This story is enhanced with lettering by Jim Campbell, as he’s able to emphasize feelings or cold symptoms with varying styles. The drawings are also wonderful, always seeming fresh, as penciller Max Sarin and inker Liz Fleming set the stage within each panel. Esther’s black hair, skull t-shirt, and eyeball leggings are some of the many reasons these characters in general stand out visually. Along with wide-eyed or snarky expressions, brilliant pops of color from Whitney Cogar fill each article of clothing, furniture, and background. One scene might be filled with purples, blues, and oranges, while the very next panel highlights red, yellow, and various blue-greens.

Giant Days is an ultimate example of the pre-ordering experience, a significant component in the comic book industry mentioned on The PREVIEWS Party Podcast, because the dynamic storytelling and artwork, along with being a fun, easy read, absolutely belongs on anyone’s list to pre-order. Halloween is over one moment, and then the next, a dinner party is planned and everyone gets invited, because “it’s the adult thing to do.” What could possibly go wrong?

Giant Days #23 will be available on Wednesday, February 1, for print and digital release.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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