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‘Reborn #4:’ Comic Book Review

Issue #4 of Reborn is action-packed, filled with colorful weapon blasts, monsters in many forms, and the gruesome results when one meets the other, leaving a bloody mess. The key ingredient tying all of this together is Bonnie, the prophesied leader to end all evil from the Dark Lands. This evil place threatens everyone in Adystria, the place good people go to after death. For a quick recap, check out our review of the last chapter.

This chapter tells you clearly where it’s going with an intense cover page. Penciller Greg Capullo, inker Jonathan Glapion, and colorist Fco Plascencia design this page, as well as the entire issue, having the main character wreak havoc. Our hero obliterates her foe, splattering its body with brightly lit gunfire as she soars through the air. Bonnie’s expression says it all – she looks determined, vicious, and unrelenting. Her hair and cape fly through the air while she rains down on her enemy. The creature’s only hope for any remaining existence relies on whether it will still grasp a set of keys and rope of chains when its life is extinguished before hitting the ground.

Reborn continues to get better and better, building upon its amazing premise of a second life after death. Writer Mark Millar transforms Bonnie from the person unaware of anything involving an afterlife to someone courageous and intent on finding her lost husband. In addition to being properly motivated, and having her father along to journey this new world, she begins to discover latent fighting skills and the confidence to defend and attack those aimed at killing her. Millar perfectly captures this metamorphosis as soon as you open this comic book, when Bonnie addresses her father after being surrounded by demonic beings: “Do you trust me?” After her father replies, Bonnie responds with quick actions after simply saying, “Then duck!”

The prophecy of Adystria plays a key role during this chapter. Enemies want to do everything to destroy Bonnie, whether for personal vendettas or in the hopes of gaining favor with the large-horned Lord Golgotha. His presence alone is indicative of his supreme force felt by all those who fear him. On the other side, Bonnie begins to believe in her ultimate role, and it absolutely translates in her words and actions. She stands tall, unflinching despite being surrounded by seemingly insurmountable numbers, and her intelligence overwhelms those that believe she is trapped. The incredible dialogue combined with close facial expressions and gleaming eyes, particularly with a scene involving Bonnie’s father, are undeniably dramatic, allowing the reader to feel the positive energy behind Reborn’s legend.

Issue 4 from Image Comics represents the complete package for a great comic book from a great series: wonderful character development, stunning colors, and unique characters and plotlines lead the reader to crave Issue 5, hoping it would be available sooner than later.

Reborn #4 is now available in print and digital form.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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