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‘Masked #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Previously on Masked – we find our central character, Frank Braffort, recovering from what can best be described as an explosive transformation. Self-creating anomalies have been popping up all throughout the city, and he has some kind of connection to them. Despite finding himself in a cavern at the source of these anomalies, and having a massive surge of power rush through him bursting into the night sky, the reasons linking them together are yet to be identified. If you want to catch up a little more on this series before continuing, please check out reviews for issues one and two.

Pencils by Stephane Crety, inks by Julien Hugonnard-Bert, and colors by Gaetan Georges provide great aerial views that produce a real sense of elevation and distance to the illustrations. The artistry has great line work distinguishing the horizons, as well as creating distinct, larger-than-life anomalies using varying sized panels, and even drawing outside of them to showcase the size of a new villain. Sky blues and grassy greens are wonderful contrasts throughout these pages to counterbalance the darker tones below the surface in the secret cave.
As Braffort slowly recuperates from the blast, his sister, Raphaelle, tries to track down those that might know to where her brother went missing. Award-winning writer Serge Lehman further extends the intrigue of this story by highlighting an “old army buddy, Duroc.” The arrogance drips from the pages as he interacts with Braffort’s sister. He’s tasked with flying up into the skies to test the air quality after the energy blast from the night before. Although Raphaelle’s boyfriend accompanies her, this knowledge doesn’t prevent Duroc from blatantly flirting and taunting her “pretty boy.” He even goes as far to ask for a kiss. This egotistical behavior gives the reader a glimpse into the inner workings of a “macho man,” as Lehman gives his fans someone to dislike.

The storyline in issue three revolves around the power of transformation and the impact it has on the main character, as well as the influence on another entity introduced toward the end. This additional character is an important component that leads to a thrilling conclusion, which drives the attention forward to the next comic book in this sci-fi series.

Edward Gauvin has translated each of the first three comic books for Titan Comics, as it was originally published in French by Guy Delcourt Productions.

Masked #3 will be available on Wednesday, January 25, for print and digital release.


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