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‘Postal #17:’ Comic Book Review

Postal is a story set in a town unknown in location and filled with criminals attempting to start over without any ties to the rest of civilization. This sanctuary, Eden, does not eliminate the threats of these criminals or their associates still wondering in the real world, as writer Bryan Hill clearly provides a summary of events leading up to this point in the series. These highlights inform the reader that Laura, the leader who nearly killed Isaac Shiffron, former husband and founder of Eden, wants to transfer her duties as Mayor to her son, Mark.

Among some other elements given to the backstory, this particular comic book focuses on Mark’s relationships, the choices he will have to face, and FBI Agent Bremble who is attempting to track down Shiffron. Artist Isaac Goodhart and colorist K. Michael Russell provide a wonderful display of light and darkness, which seem to act as a constant reminder of the nature of this story and the people involved within it. Shadows cover expressions on character’s faces, while a single light source amplifies this effect as conversations happen covertly, and sometimes against a person’s will.

On separate pages of Postal #17, we find the two main characters in similar, yet opposite, predicaments. Both Mark and Agent Bremble want information and despite possibly being in a position to obtain it, the answers might not be what they necessarily want to hear. One sits on the ground facing a prisoner that’s been locked away in a secret bunker. He calmly waits and listens. The other kneels, chained at the wrists, and screams for what he wants. Despite the discrepancies in their roles in that moment, it becomes clear that they will come face to face with decisions that will ultimately lead them to what they’re seeking.

Along with a storyline filled with lurking motivations, the cover page emphasizes the simple fact that violent offenders roam the streets of Eden. Cover artist Linda Sejic draws an image that’s impossible to forget. A single figure leers largely over Eden. Blackness smothers the space behind him, while his body almost reflects like a giant moon as it watches over the town as its only light source, except for an outline of a church. His gaze tilts, with a furrowed brow, as deep red blood pours from his shoulders and underneath his neck. It flows down his chest, ultimately covering the buildings and glistening through the streets.

Some gruesome imagery in this issue might be a perfect reason that Top Cow Productions and Image Comics also provide a sneak peek at the upcoming series, Dante. To give you an idea of this exciting, upcoming Issue #1, the main character is an assassin, and a good one. Dante’s introduction includes finding his mark in a night club in Spain, finishing the job, and leaving behind dead bodies without much effort at all. He shows off his talents, all while not caring about what anyone else thinks, as long as they stay clear of his family.

Postal #17 is now available in print and digital form.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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