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‘Curse Words #1:’ Comic Book Review

Ever since the magnificent and insane God Hates Astronauts, I have been a fan of writer/artist Ryan Browne. The absolute craziness of the series struck a chord with my sensibilities, and when I first heard about Curse Words, Browne’s new project with superstar writer Charles Soule, I was pretty thrilled. Browne’s ability to create ridiculous and bizarre worlds along with Soule’s storytelling abilities was a match made in heaven, and this new Image series doesn’t hold back.

This series is a bit tough to explain, but let’s give it a shot: In modern-day New York City, things are pretty much what they seem . . . except for the incredible appearance of Wizord, a true magic-wielding being who pretty much just shows up out of nowhere (along with his talking koala Margaret) and takes over everyone’s cultural bubble. He casts amazing spells, and for a price, will do nearly anything you’d like. Everything is pretty awesome for Wizord after he becomes a mystical spellcaster-for-hire, until his final truth is revealed: The magical man that is doing good deeds and helping the Big Apple is not some altruistic being at all. He’s a super evil wizard, tasked with destroying the world. His appearance in the world has also brought upon some people from the Hole World, where Wizord originated.

Where God Hates Astronauts felt like a pure dose of Ryan Browne, Curse Words is a bit more toned down and feels more structured. That is likely thanks to Soule, whose work on series like Letter 44 and Daredevil have given him a ton of very deserved praise. His style has tended to be a bit more straightforward, and it seems to work really well with the unique sensibilities of Browne. The two work incredibly well together, though I must admit Browne’s skills come through quite a bit more than Soule’s.

The art assist by Jordan Boyd is also an asset here, as Boyd’s skills bring an added layer to the art, and the addition by all the creators involved. There’s so much to love in this series, and I can’t wait to read more of what will likely be a magical, eccentric, and wholly remarkable series. If this first issue is any indication, this is going to be a weird ride.


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