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‘TMNT Universe #6:’ Comic Book Review

Happy New Year, Turtles fans!

I know.  I’m 17 days late in wishing you so, but this is my first review for the new year, and I am honored to write about my own childhood superheroes—the same heroes-in-a-half-shell I first wrote about when I started writing for Fanbase Press (Fanboy Comics back then) in 2014—the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Last month in TMNT Universe #5, Hun was causing trouble again by running underground dog fights, but leave it to the leader of the Mutanimals, Hob, to put an end to his shenanigans.  Although, with Leatherhead back in New York and seeking some sweet revenge, you never know what can happen in this storyline!  Which brings us to Leonardo’s solo story, “Inside Out” (No relation to the Pixar animated splendor.), whose meditation session comes to an end, and let’s just say it got pretty deep for a few issues there…

This month in TMNT Universe #6, Michelangelo has his own adventure after a determined cop, Maureen Lin, ventures underground looking for a missing sewer worker.  After Mikey decides to help Officer Lin, he’s confronted by a new mutant, Wyrm, made up of multiple slug-like worms who wish to rule the sewers for themselvesssss.  Himsssssself?  I don’t know, but Wyrm talkssssssss like thisssssssss…

Meanwhile, Raphael has his own multi-part story in “What is Ninja?”  Never afraid to find crime before it finds him, Raph uses his stealth-like skills to stop a robbery.  But what happens when another ninja catches him in the act…on camera?!

I must say, I truly enjoyed Michelangelo’s adventure this month more than any other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle storyline since Donatello died last year in the ongoing comic book series.  Nick Pitarra and John Lees are phenomenal storytellers who really know how to introduce a new character.  Not to mention the fact that Pitarra is an equally stunning artist; I don’t think I’ve read anything better from a dynamic duo in this industry.  And Brahm Revel also captivates us with his lessons and values on the art of the ninja in a way that brings this issue together for a solid nerdgasm. 

It’s just so unfortunate that we have to wait another full month to find out what happens to Raph!  And have we really seen the end of Wyrm?

Until next issue,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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