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‘Goons of the Galaxy #1-2:’ Comic Book Review

Marc Jackson has created a weird, silly, and humorous take on space exploration. Your imagination can’t prepare you for the shenanigans the main character finds himself in. Not only will you wonder where this story is going, you might wonder how a simple run to the local space market, looking for “blue milk,” could go quite so awry.

Jackson creates a playful blend of funny names, odd-looking characters, and an uncanny ability to nonchalantly brush off seemingly dangerous situations. If you need any specific reason to know whether or not the absurdity will lead you to a chuckle or two, look no further than to Jerry, the mission specialist for Goons of the Galaxy.

Jerry Jetflash has brown hair, an orange, long-sleeved shirt with a pocket, black pants, white boots, and a yellow belt buckle that might one day be discovered to be a personal EKG scan. The calamity that ensues after Jerry’s departure from his uncle’s ship can easily be described as youthful hijinks, with a sidekick who has yet to provide any useful support during this misadventure – although, this small, remote control-looking car, with an attached flashlight, seems necessary to the story, or at least Jerry’s psyche. Along the way, Jackson provides a comic short with light-heartedness, some crude humor, and a general rule to avoid using a “death ray” to the face, if a strange alien promises not to eat the dynamic duo after a crash landing.

Goons of the Galaxy is currently available on Aces Weekly. David Lloyd, illustrator to V for Vendetta, is the publisher for this comic art magazine, which is “an exclusively digital-delivery comic art anthology of serials and short stories.” Goons currently has two parts, and they can be found on Aces Weekly, Volume 23 and Volume 25.

Goons of the Galaxy #1 – 2 can be sought after, like blue milk, by checking out and subscribing to Aces Weekly.


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