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‘Call of Duty: Zombies #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Do you love zombies? Whether your answer is yes or no, wouldn’t you agree you would prefer to be chased by the likes of the Night of the Living Dead? Their pace was somewhat of a leisurely jaunt compared to more recent alternatives. It would have to be a better circumstance than trying to outrun one in Zombieland. If you’re still unsure about what kind of undead you’d rather be surrounded by in a zombie apocalypse, then perhaps you should check out the opening sequence to Dawn of the Dead. Have you been convinced that the slower-paced “walking dead” would be the better choice?

Well, prepare to tie your shoe laces and run until you can’t run anymore. Dark Horse Comics presents a ragtag band of four who hope to survive Call of Duty: Zombies #2. This comic book is an adaptation of an original product from Activision, as they published the video game that introduced Nazi zombies to the frontline of World War II in Call of Duty: World at War.

Writer Justin Jordan, artists Jonathan Wayshak and Simon Bisley, and colorist Lovern Kindzierski come together to increase your level of stress and present a world that leaves you guessing and rattled. The stage is set appropriately by Bisley with a cover page that encapsulates the pulse-pounding tale inside. One of the main characters is seemingly caught alone, with guns in hand, while pale, ripped-flesh hands grab at him. Chunks of hands rip apart with blood spatter, and an eyeball stands tall as the vacant blue iris stretches away from its socket. This gruesome scene prepares the reader for the gritty state of mind needed to escape such monsters.

Jordan prepares a brief synopsis to catch the reader up; however, limiting the details helps to propel the anxiety following alongside the heroes “fighting for survival in a zombie-infested wasteland.” The foursome find themselves on the other side of some kind of portal, without any explanations to where they are or what brought them there. As they enter through this bright blue gateway, the characters begin to ask questions that the reader might ask. Where are they? Who brought them there? Why do they need to close this portal?

Wide eyes and gaping mouths are important features throughout, indicating the frustrations of not knowing what’s going on and the eventual fear that follows. It’s apparent their attempts to shut down the portal are to prevent anything from following behind. Through the brightness, a pack of zombies race onto the page; wild expressions sneer with plenty of angry teeth, decomposed skin, and unrelenting swipes at the living. The intensity is amplified as the reader follows alongside the main characters learning as they learn. The ambiguity of what’s going on is an important element to the story. As the characters become flustered trying to determine where they are, they get attacked. Their brains have to work overdrive to avoid becoming a light snack, ultimately giving you a creepy sense of hoping to avoid having your brains being consumed, too.

Call of Duty: Zombies #2 will be available on Wednesday, January 11, for print and digital release.


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