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‘Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Alien #3:’ Comic Book Review

“Welcome to the biggest brawl in the history of the universe!” That’s how writer John Layman starts issue three of Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens. The title, along with the introductory line, stretches the imagination with what to expect from three of the most notorious fighters in fiction, while Layman also provides a solid summary of events from the first two comic books in this series.

Dr. Reinstot is a DNA-splicing mad scientist who has decided to increase upon his level of evil. Going from “splicing spider DNA into orphans,” he has decided to create a swarm of deadly monsters blending Aliens with Predators and Judges. We also learn that Dredd has been trapped in Reinstot’s laboratory, stuck between an infected Judge and a Predatalien. Err, an Alienator…a Prelien. You get the idea.

Let’s just say, it’s a good thing a fellow Judge, Anderson, has Psi abilities to temporarily control the infected Judge to fend off the other half-breed, and then free Dredd. She is able to control whatever ounce of humanity is left within this Judge and focus his efforts on saving Dredd’s life. Artists Chris Mooneyham and Michael Atiyeh provide plenty of high-powered action sequences in larger panels, mixed with overlapping smaller panels to highlight facial expressions or scenes leading up to or after a battle.

This entire story moves in one fiery straight line, with an assortment of colors to accommodate varying types of blaster fire and blood spatter. The artists also do a fantastic job including pages at the beginning and end that resemble ’80s-style science fiction gameplay or movie credits. This nostalgic addition to the comic book provides a bonus to what fans expect when they think of Predator, Judge Dredd, or Aliens, let alone all of them combined.

This comic book is an easy read and satisfies all of the well-known points for our three main entities. Aliens are sporadic, parasite-infesting, and utterly lethal, even when they’re injured or killed. Predators are skilled hunters who travel through space with “a strange and complex code of honor,” and have enough gear to win the hunt even if it means their own death. Judges aggressively uphold their laws by swinging fists or firing their “lawgivers,” unless a Predator makes a point that’s difficult to argue. This story provides Dark Horse Comics and IDW Publishing fans with everything it could hope for in this comic book crossover.

Cover artists Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown bring out these mythical beings in their truest form. The cover page stands out with an over-the-top large image of a Predator’s head. Its slanted eyes fixate on you, with a multitude of indentations providing intricate depth to the Predator’s face mask. At the center of the top of its head, you’ll find an Alien and Judge Dredd looking in opposite directions. This classic back-to-back stance provides a perfect representation of what’s about to happen within these pages – “Now Fight!”

From the cover to the synopsis to the very end, this comic book keeps the reader moving and provides a definitive reason to want the next issue to be available right now. Will there be any survivors? Will Dredd ultimately escape captivity or will the mad scientist transform another Judge to go along with his growing army?

Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #3 is now available in print and digital form.


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