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‘Back to the Future #15:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Okay, I’m taking bets now…

No. I’m not betting on how long it takes for President-Non-Elect Drumpf to screw up in office. He’s already done that…

I want to wager how many issues IDW Publishing’s latest few-parter, “Who Is Marty McFly?” will last as part of its ongoing Back to the Future comic book series.  Last month was only Part Deuce, and after all Marty has been through—his adventures to the past, future, alternate present, and even way, way back to the Old West—Marty is having a hard time figuring out what actually happened in this current timeline, and what didn’t. 

In November’s issue, we also met “a friend in time” from The Doc’s past, Professor Marcus Irving.  After 24 years of dedication and unsuccessful research, Professor Irving discovered that he was not the General and Colonel’s first choice when it came to time travel back in the 1960s; Doctor Emmett Brown was!

Which brings us to this month with Back to the Future #15, in which Martys from multiple timelines have seem to caught up with the real Marty McFly and Doctor Brown.  Or have they…

Without giving too much away, I can reveal that writers John Barber and Bob Gale have done it again by giving us another fantastic issue!  Regardless of how long these few-parters last, there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting in my holiday decorated home and reading great comics such as Back to the Future!  And with beautiful artwork and colors by Emma Vieceli and Jose Luis Rio, respectively, this series truly can’t get any better. 

Well, I guess Marty and The Doc could not be being chased down by—well—other Marty McFlys…

Until next month,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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