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‘Tomb Raider #11:’ Advance Comic Book Review

All I want for Christmas…is another Tomb Raider video game to play!

In the meantime, at least I still have Dark Horse Comics’ ongoing Tomb Raider comic book series to keep me occupied.  Ever since Lara’s adventure ended with Professor Demur and his magical mushrooms, Lara has been searching for her best friend, Sam. But now that Sam has become fully possessed by the soul of Queen Himiko, both she and Trinity are after Ms. Croft and her partner-in-crime, Jonah. And now, Lara has a new professor for a friend, Professor Morrow, who may be able to help Sam rid her of the Sun Queen’s spirit once and for all!

In Tomb Raider #11, however, Lara fights her way to the death with one of Sam’s cronies. But when Lara comes out of the situation alive, Sam gets so angry that she devises a plan to blow up the cottage where Ms. Croft and Jonah are staying. We can only hope that Lara and Jonah are one step ahead of Sam before it’s too late…

I honestly enjoy this ongoing storyline by script writer Mariko Tamaki more than any other comic book series that I’m currently reading. I feel for Lara Croft and her monthly drama, especially as she tries to save her friend–a friend who has sought to kill her for multiple issues now. Add that to both dark and stunning artwork and colors by Phillip Sevy and Michael Atiyeh, respectively, and you truly have an amazing comic book series for your collection.

I can also honestly say that I look forward to each issue of Tomb Raider, and I only hope for the best and its continued success in the new year.

Until next month,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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