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‘Star Trek: Boldly Go #3’ – Comic Book Review

Battle has started. A spherical spaceship blasts green rays down on the city it hovers above. An insurmountable invasion reaches the ground. Large plumes of thick smoke blanket the city, while the fires cast a red glow onto the invading aliens. These mechanical beings march forward, each with an optical device covering a single eye matching the color radiating from the flames. All of their bodies are some kind of black, slender cybernetics, without any signs of humanity until you meet their gaze – a humanoid head, pale with a blank stare from an uncovered eye matching the robotic expression. This city, the entire world, is dying with a level of chaos brought by this determined, unfeeling race.

Such a provocative image has been generated by artist George Caltsoudas as the cover of Star Trek Boldly Go #3 pulls its readers into the conflict that lies within. Writer Mike Johnson prepares fans with a brief summary from the first two comic books in the series, which provides enough details to completely understand what has happened and what’s to come. Artists Tony Shasteen and Davide Mastrolonardo provide intense scenes from the start, with a devastating attack from the round Borg ship to an armada of Romulan Empire ships. Colorist Mastrolonardo highlights the opening pages with bright greenish-white weapon fire from the Borg, and amber-colored explosions from the Romulans as their ships rip apart.

The power is seemingly unstoppable, adding to the calamity previously known. The U.S.S. Concord has been destroyed with most of its crew captured, and only a few escaped, allowing the reader to wonder, how is there any hope of rescuing those taken, including Sulu’s husband and daughter? The outlook within the first few pages seems obvious and unavoidable, yet such circumstances have never swayed Captain Kirk away from trying to find a way to win. Johnson presents Kirk with a calm demeanor, which helps magnify his confidence when approaching an unknown foe that is well beyond their capabilities.

This issue of Boldly Go defines two specific points of view when involving the main parties. One, the crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour attempts to understand the threat, while organizing a plan to rescue their captured comrades. This tactical approach indicates a confidence from the Federation starship regardless of the mysteries ahead, while the other vantage point is chaotic and deadly. The pages including the Borg and its vessel are violent, including enormous explosions and an absolute disregard for human life, young or old. This storytelling quality further intensifies good versus evil, and the very distinguishing views on the perseverance of life.

Star Trek Boldly Go #3 is available on Wednesday, December 14, in print and digital release.


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