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‘Cryptocracy #6:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Things are getting really crazy for the Mars clan, as their newly-crowned Elder Grahame has set himself up to be not only the leader of a sector of the world’s most secret and power organization, he’s also in a fight for the fate of his families as the mysterious and powerful Hum has come to expose the Cryptocracy and destroy the very fabric of society itself.

This book has gotten pretty complicated over the last half-dozen issues. We’ve seen the Mars clan as a member of the secret society and in a power position, only to see it fall. It’s shown the ascent of Grahame, the murder of his mentor, and the exposure of his entire way of life to the masses. And with Hum on the hunt for Grahame, new wrinkles are added with each passing issue.

Creators Pete Woods and Van Jensen are creating a web of interesting ideas aimed at the conspiracy theorist at heart. Secret societies, magic, strange creatures, and political intrigue are the currency of this series, and so far, I’ve loved it. It has so many cool ideas wrapped into what is essentially a story about a family trying to survive. And now, with he conflict in full swing, it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here, because while things look like they could be over soon, it’s also possible that they could be going for a long time.

From both a design and aesthetic standpoint, this book is brilliant. From aliens to bugbears, there’s no shortage of cool creatures and species. Innovative tech and a creative mix of past mysticism and futuristic technology give the book a unique feel, as well. Also, it looks pretty, just on a basic level. The artwork is fantastic from the character work to the colors.

Every step of the way, this book has really hit on something special. I want to see where this book goes, because it really turned a corner with this issue, and I’m excited to explore what comes next.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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