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‘Reborn #2:’ Comic Book Review

The wonderfully unique premise of Reborn, crafted by Mark Millar, entertains its fans with Issue #2 – a great follow-up to the “captivating” first issue that “pulls at a reader’s soul.”  Please feel encouraged to check out the Fanbase Press review of Reborn #1 highlighting “one of the most spectacular pages ever constructed.”

If you haven’t read the review or first issue of Reborn and would like to absorb the entertaining goodness by reading it firsthand, I recommend you STOP HERE.

If you’ve read the first issue or you’ve decided to move forward to get an idea of this fantastic series, then let’s continue.

When Millar left us at the end of Issue #1, our main character, Bonnie, found herself in a completely new world. Having transitioned from her life on Earth to an unknown, wondrous place in the midst of a battle, she finds herself face to face with her father. As the first issue deals with our main character’s past, along with her beliefs about an after-life, Millar pushes beyond her initial fears of death to an overwhelming, surreal, new home in the second issue.

The incredible journey is brought to life beautifully by artists Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and Fco Plascencia. The cover page gives the reader a fun look into the world about to be entered. Bright white pours from the top of the page blending in with Bonnie’s outfit as hints of bluish-greens trail down the page, along with her long, blonde hair. Your view then focuses on her eyes focusing on a tiny fairy, and the wonder of what’s inside begins.

Plascencia colors stunning blues that burst from the opening pages. They contrast a variety of subtle tones as Bonnie’s father tells her about this “different place.” The life led prior to arriving to this second life determines where you end up. If people were good, they get reborn to “Adystria.” If people were bad, they go to the “Dark Lands,” an ominous-looking mountain in the distance.

Bonnie also learns that coming back doesn’t mean coming back the same as you left. She left her previous life old and wrinkled, while now she returns in her twenties and her father returned at age three, which explains his younger appearance compared to his daughter. It isn’t immediately apparent whether or not everyone does return, since her dad has searched parts of this gigantic world for her mother without any success.

The realization of this news triggers a sense of sorrow and determination. The people of Adystria have waited their entire lives for her arrival, believing her to be a savior from the many battles initiated by those living in the Dark Lands. Now, her focus falls to finding her husband who has yet to be seen despite dying fourteen years earlier.

Will those who have waited so long for her return understand her desire to leave them? Where would she even begin to search? Reborn is a series you’ll want to add to your request list to pre-order, because the first two from Image Comics are compelling with each turn of the page, while leaving the reader absolutely ready for the next comic book to turn to.

Reborn #2 is now available in print and digital form.


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