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‘Snowfall #7:’ Comic Book Review

If you are just joining the series, I would recommend that you start with Issue #1, as the story will make more sense; however, if you’ve been keeping up… good news! This issue tackles the complex backstory of Inspector Davitika Deal.

In Issue #6, the White Wizard found temporary shelter with a woman who his daughter, Chloe, used to save him. Unfortunately, his respite is broken by her son who turns him in, and Dr. Reasons (The White Wizard) reacts with his usual scorched earth response. His survival and everyone else’s in the building is questionable. Inspector Deal’s failure to bring in Chloe and the formulary has resulted in her being decommissioned. The Cooperative which she has served so loyally has turned against her, but she has found a new ally in Chloe.

Delving into Inspector Deal’s background, we learn that she is a tough, dedicated cadet with a past her commanding officer does not respect, but he nevertheless decides that the Cooperative has a use for her. In fact, she is encouraged to embrace her dark side to become a more effective soldier. Meanwhile, with the help of Chloe and Inspector Ishii, Inspector Deal escapes imprisonment and torture to wreak vengeance on those who betrayed her. Oddly enough, the only one holding her back may be the one person everyone fears—Chloe. But the Cooperative may have one more trick up its sleeve to protect itself.

Once again, the story moves smoothly and with great precision. I loved learning more about Inspector Deal, though why she did what she did remains a mystery that I hope is revealed in the next issue.  As mentioned before, I particularly like the lettering in this series, as I think it adds a new level of subtext.  The art and the coloring add a sense of depth and intimacy when it is called for. I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue.

Snowfall is an ongoing series written by Joe Harris with art by Martín Morazzo.


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