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‘The Troop: Volume 1’ – Trade Paperback Review

The Troop: Volume 1 generates more than a simple plot through a five-issue run. Writer Noel Clarke crafts misfit heroes who find themselves surrounded by violence, sex, drugs, and the overwhelming desire to survive – particularly when it involves self-defense, smashing a racist’s face in, or pure and simple revenge. These loners are not only used to being outcasts; it’s the normalcy they seek until they find each other. Clarke provides a diverse group of characters and isn’t afraid to involve vulgar language to emphasize their opinions on important matters, like staying alive.

Artist Joshua Cassara and colorist Luis Guerrero combine their efforts to highlight the extraordinary abilities of each team member. Guerrero adds an endless amount of color to enhance an extremely diverse set of dramatic scenes. The opening pages start with a BANG as one of the main characters, Stephanie, is introduced and she isn’t one to mess with, even if the bad guys are bringing a lot of fire power. Her motivation to fight back and survive is amplified by her desire to keep her family safe after an ambush at home.

As the series moves forward, the reader realizes how many more of these powerful beings exist, and how many people are against their existence. Titan Comics also brings its readers a story with more than enough characteristics to satisfy a wide-ranging audience – dealing with bullies, fending off serial killers, and the overall urge to want to race to find others with special abilities and protect them from those hunting them down.

The Troop provides you with a unique perspective from each hero, as they narrate their own path leading up to the singular moment of being discovered. This style of storytelling gives us an in-depth look at each character’s past, while providing a sense of what will motivate them moving forward. This technique definitely adds a level of personal attachment and allows you to understand when there are disagreements, or even middle fingers.

There is a significant amount of tenacity in this comic book series, and the individuality, not just the super powers, will further entrench them into a relationship that will either cement their trust or rip it apart. All of these individuals are damaged in some way, whether by deaths of a loved one, irreparable betrayals, or simply seeking out wild adventures in an attempt to fill a void.

For those looking for gifts over the holidays, this is an action-packed thrill ride aimed toward redemption, and it is definitely intended for mature audiences.

The Troop: Volume 1 is now available in digital form.


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