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‘The Zone Continuum: Legacy’ – Advance Trade Paperback Review

A complex storyline mixed with ancient beings, thrilling sequences, and characters driving themselves to uphold some semblance of a moral code provide a legacy created by Bruce Zick. The Zone Continuum: Legacy was first introduced in 1992, and Dark Horse Comics brings together the four-part series in one collection for the first time.

Although Zick’s trade paperback is scheduled to release on November 23 in comic book stores, he has done more than provide his original creations to fans. Earlier this year, The Zone Continuum was published in late February providing new tales in the wake of a twenty-four-year gap from the inception of the black-and-white original. This new story not only provides a different vision of our hero, Talon, but it’s illustrations are colorful and Zick includes an introduction indicating where his unique story came from: “I have always loved rooftops.”

This premise then allowed his mind to expand on all of the things he loved about “a world unto itself…stout water towers, old brick chimneys, vents, pipes, ductworks, exhaust fans, gargoyle statues, and art deco cornices.” Zick creates a multifaceted world from these thoughts, and it resembles something unique and remarkably compelling. His ’92 trade paperback collection also includes an introduction, resembling a “then and now” take on his mindset, including some of his inspirations such as William Gibson and Frank Miller’s Sin City series.

Legacy is a story revolving around zones, inhabited by an ancient, immortal-like race who seem at odds with the fate of humankind. These zones have diminished over time with the consequences of pollution, natural disasters, and advancement of technology. These places in the Continuum make these ageless wonders, the Dar, continue to live at higher elevations, as they’re unable to withstand the harmful effects of humanity.

Talon protects the Dar and fights to save the human race by implementing environmental initiatives and fending off his arch-enemy who hopes to eliminate humans – the reason for the Dar’s limited existence. Zick creates the protagonist to be a protector who only hopes to push himself far enough to save the day that day, regardless of whether or not it could be his last. This special characteristic infuses the reader with the human condition surrounding our hero, a seemingly ageless being guided by doing what’s best for everyone else despite physical suffering and emotional despair.

This story will take readers on an edge-of-your-seat adventure. Talon literally jumps from rooftops, floating along the ether, as he engages in physical battles with enemies and the deadly manifestations from the Continuum. You will also be engaged with loyalty from those serving Talon, as well as heartache as he hopes to find his lost love. This collection not only grips the reader’s attention, it also provides detailed descriptions of the devices aiding our hero’s quest. This is a valuable bonus, as the cover page, the only non-grayscale illustration, gives a close look at our hero in action.

Talon is high above the ground jumping over tall city buildings. Others look on as he glides in the air with an orangish-brown raincoat, odd-looking gloves, and a strange, red belt and goggles. This introductory page allows the realization of flying high among the skyscrapers and hoping a freefall isn’t even remotely possible. You’ll be wondering where this story is taking you in the beginning, and, by the end, hoping it doesn’t stop.

The Zone Continuum: Legacy is available for pre-order now.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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