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‘Lumberjanes / Gotham Academy #5-6:’ Comic Book Review

As I’ve read and reviewed the Lumberjanes / Gotham Academy crossover event, I’ve extolled many aspects of this collision of two worlds that have seemed so wonderfully destined to collide.  Delightfully funny and savvy characters coming together and interacting, whether they get along with each other or end up providing the story with entertaining friction – seeing both groups of kids trying to work in environments well out of their comfort zones, discovering what new skills and knowledge each group brings to the situation, and how they share those skills between themselves.

As we move into Issues #5 and #6, the climax and resolution to our story, we have confirmed that the enchanted lodge the Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy students find themselves trapped in is under a spell designed to keep Louise reliving her Sweet Sixteen birthday party in perpetuity.  She is caught in a loop meant to bring the party to a successful end, one in which she finally gets the attention of the boy she likes and her friends do not betray and abandon her. 

Our heroes have banded together to try to break this spell but are failing rather spectacularly in their attempt.  As Issue #5 closes out, their efforts seem merely to have resulted in the creation of the biggest monster they’ve encountered so far.

Cliffhanger city.

Issue #6 is all about resolutions, and I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to reveal here that resolutions do happen.  Our crossover team figures out the mystery, prevails against the monsters, and restores order to their respective universes.  This is all the stuff of pretty much any Lumberjanes or Gotham Academy story.

The interesting part of this last issue, for me, was that the theme at the center of the mystery was not just about a petulant, spoiled teenager and the lesson she eventually learns.  The writers also introduce themes around “helicopter parenting” and the damage that can be done out of the effort to isolate and protect your children from experiencing life and the risks that assumes.  It’s an interesting contrast for a story set amongst a group of characters who live their day-to-day lives with minimal contact with their own parents and who encounter scary circumstances on a regular basis.  I found it to be a particularly interesting concept to consider in light of the few adults in the story who have assumed parental roles for these kids, in particular Jen from Lumberjanes, who seems to struggle the most with her role as a protector.

All in all, I loved this opportunity to watch my Lumberjanes interact with a new and fascinating group of people.  Here’s hoping this won’t be our last such opportunity!


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