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‘The Few and the Cursed #1:’ Comic Book Review

What do they say about women? You don’t talk down to them, you don’t disrespect them, you don’t hit them, and you absolutely do not ever attempt to swindle them. And when a woman says, “I want my water…and my bourbon,” you do not hesitate.

Referred to as “Red” more often and without any other name to go by, this protagonist is a “Curse Chaser.” What that means is creator and writer Felipe Cagno has brought the mystical world to the wild west. The Few and Cursed is a creation from a Kickstarter campaign where Cagno brought in well above the set goal. He introduces this, The Crows of Mana’Olana, as the first in a six-part series, and the cover does not disappoint his many backers.

Felipe Watanabe and Marcelo Costa grab the reader’s attention with distinct imagery that holds your gaze. Red is staring back at you wearing a cool-looking fedora, a cloak, and a pair of pistols gripped in her hands. The determined look on her face is second-to-none even with a gaggle of gigantic, tormenting-looking crows leering from behind, with their claws clinging onto her shoulders. Did I mention determined?

The Curse Chaser rides into the town of Mountain View, where its welcome sign says it all: “Home of the last well in a 100-mile radius.” This lets the reader know immediately that the desert she strolled through wasn’t a symptom of that particular area. Water is scarce and that makes living a whole lot harder for anyone, particular one fighting elements of black magic. Although, regardless of this scarcity and how it might affect one’s thinking, the reader quickly finds out how capable she is with her pistols and negotiating skills.

Along with these weapons, artist Fabiano Neves draws our hero with more than a couple of six-shooters. She also has a knife and other unidentifiable trinkets attached to her belt. Are they souvenirs from her line of work or are they something else entirely? Bold red colors highlight her hair, cloak, and the occasional blood spatter. Colorists Dinei Ribeiro, Ivan Nunes, and Giovanna Guimaraes provide colorful skies, dark clothing, and subtle hues to offset the wood tones one expects when traveling to a saloon in a small, western town.

Cagno creates a fearless character who is aware of mysteries happening in small towns and isn’t afraid to ask for a steep payday for solving it. Kickstarter backers will also get their money’s worth with this issue, as Red is the definition of a gunslinger, while being well-versed in some kind of dark magic. The success of the first campaign brought Issue #1 to life, and it seems obvious those backers became fans, because the campaign for Issue #2 has already surpassed its goal. It’s clear to see two things with this comic book; fans have emerged for this redhead, and, like previously mentioned, don’t come between a woman and what she wants.

The Few and Cursed #1 is now available in digital form.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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