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‘Psycho Gran #2:’ Comic Book Review

David Leach is at it again!  Who is David Leach, you ask?  Why, just look at this review (by Yours Truly) to learn a little bit about him.  Anywho, though it might have taken him over two years to publish the next edition of Psycho Gran, this edition (volume 2!) does not disappoint.  For those of you who are really ready to watch some vigilantes kick the ever-loving crap out of some jerk on the street who has it coming, this comic is for you.

Psycho Gran is a combination of the White Spy from Spy vs. Spy, Deadpool, Hulk, and your grandmother when she’s being extra angry.  She’s fun.  In this issue of vignettes, she has a reputation, and now it’s really only the ignorant or suicidal that cross her – but cross her plenty of people do.  So, whether it’s the cyclist who ignores sidewalk laws, the religious guys who knock on your door, or young punks being young and punky, you will feel vindicated once Psycho Gran takes action.

As an archetypical anti-hero, Psycho Gran, like Deadpool, has mellowed since her inception – now (mostly) murdering only those who deserve it (on some level).  More approachable, and more human, Psycho Gran is now good, clean family fun, so long as your family is well and truly twisted.  If you’re not twisted, keep this out of reach of children under… 7 maybe?  6?  (Shrug – I don’t have kids.)

So, the comic is fun.  As noted in my review from 2 years ago, Psycho Gran is therapeutic to those of us who are enraged and hate humanity.  Lo, on the Eve of the end of America, who isn’t filled with rage?  So, maybe if everyone just read Psycho Gran, the world would be a better place.

I love talking to you.

Simply Jack

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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