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‘Super Terre.r:’ Graphic Novel Review

Super Terre.r is an out-of-this-world adventure that’s perfectly described by its cover page. Artist Bob Eggleton creates an extraterrestrial vision with several explorers standing in the midst of an alien planet; it’s made apparent by multiple moons or planets in the sea blue sky. The cover also highlights the abundance of foliage, as green moss covers every inch of tall towers, which are yet to be determined if they’re man-made or not.

Omaha Perez writes this science fiction thriller and readers will appreciate its theme: space explorers stranded on a lush planet full of hidden artifacts of a lost society and unknown dangers. Perez captures our attention by immediately thrusting us into a deadly mystery surrounding the crashed landing party. Greg Hinkle and Tony Talbert illustrate this story in black and white, providing busy planetary terrain opposite violent murderous rage from an unknown enemy.

Super Terre is a planet found miraculously after the ship’s fuel resources have been drained. Was it sabotage? Why would someone want to prevent the ship from moving forward? It’s fortunate the crew found its way to this Earth-like planet – perhaps it’s more than luck. The sequence of events after surviving the landing begs to question whether survival is even an optimistic vantage point. It doesn’t take too long for some to realize their situation is far worse than anyone could have anticipated.

The characters in this graphic novel are diverse, ranging from lewd, arrogant crewman to concerned, albeit aloof personnel, making this horrifying tale much more sinister than readily apparent from the cover page. Perez provides the classic approach to storytelling: introduce a character alone in one panel, have that person recognize someone else who isn’t shown or hidden in the shadows, and then, BLAM, another one bites the dust.

Perez creates a mind-bending mystery wrapped in science fiction. Readers follow side by side with the stranded crew on Super Terre. They travel along as curiosity surrounds ancient wall art and those attempting to decipher it. They hope to discover who is responsible for all of the “accidents” before there isn’t anyone left. Was it by chance that they found this planet? Does the reason they crash landed somehow coincide with the many deaths that have happened since finding this unfamiliar world? The reader will be intrigued as this mystery begins early and continues through to the last pages.

Super Terre.r is a product of A Devil’s Due/1First Comics and is available in print and digital form.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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