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‘Home #1-3:’ Comic Book Review

BlackMagicWolf Productions and a campaign funded through Kickstarter bring a comic book brimming with what its audience paid for. Home is the epitome of good storytelling and well-colored artistry combining to reveal an instant hit.

The cover page is an immediate attention grabber, and it will make the reader want to pry it open. Elysia, the main character, is at the forefront of this page. Her blue hair and red jacket stand out as she stands in the city with buildings surrounding her. Smack dab in the middle is a circular-looking portal, with brick-shaped lavender colors swirling around behind her. What is most important is the simple fact that there’s a different city or world on the other end of this portal. Did Elysia stumble upon this by accident? Will she get hurt if she goes into it? Does she have a choice, or will this portal pull her in regardless of any struggles she might put up?

Home creator and writer Todd Black, along with artists Dinh Nguyen and Beth Varni, create a fantastic character who is well-spoken and artfully crafted. Black doesn’t hesitate with what type of person Elysia is; she’s honest, works hard, and her sense of loneliness due to being an outcast makes her appealing and worth rooting for. As for her unique appearance, she has naturally colored blue hair and eye brows. Unfortunately, the people in her city don’t see how cool that is and always look at her “with either shock or disgust.”

Even in her day job, she has to cover up her appearance with a hat. It is the simple notion of being shunned for being different that makes this character have so much depth. Elysia is completely relatable and the stunning visuals draw the reader from panel to panel. Along with her brilliant hair, she sports a vibrant red jacket, while purple or blue skies create a subtle, relaxing backdrop.

The first issue in this series focuses on Elysia and her lonely life on Earth, and about halfway through, it reveals her secret ability, making her even more one of a kind. The reader will be intrigued by this power, and equally so when she accidentally stumbles upon this portal seen from the cover page.

If you wish to maintain the secrecy of these issues, because you want to read them first, then I suggest you STOP HERE.

If you are completely okay with learning about issues 2 and 3, then let’s continue forward with what happens after the portal appears.

At the end of the first issue, after stumbling upon this portal, you will see Elysia pulled into another world and it’s definitely not Kansas. As soon as she emerges, she finds herself in the middle of a war: a handful of warriors fighting a barrage of hairy, clawed beasts. It completely sets the stage for the next two comic books in the series.

Issue 2 starts off where the first ended with a battle against many savage creatures called “schrief;” you’ll know them when you see them. Fortunately for this small group of fighters, Elysia is able to use her special abilities to help. This moment makes it apparently clear she has a destiny of some kind with this new world. Though her ability is not unique to those living here, she eventually proves her power is something no one else has seen before.

Issue 3 gives some background to the new world, while showing how dangerous these creatures are as they continue to evolve their attacks. Although Home’s hero has found a connection with this new planet, she finds turmoil around every corner. She must decide whether to help them in battle or perhaps find another way to save those she’s become close to.

Issues 1 through 3 of the Home mini-series are available in print and digital form.


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