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‘Snowfall #6:’ Comic Book Review

Would you destroy the world to save your daughter? Or would you be willing to sacrifice her to save it? These and many other questions are the underlying themes in the series Snowfall, written by Joe Harris with art by Martín Morazzo.
In Issue #5, the White Wizard imprinted enough of the formulary onto Anthony Farrow to draw the Cooperative’s mercenaries into a trap, but the ensuing firefight leaves both him and the former student and terrorist injured. Still free and in control of the formulary, his daughter, Chloe, clearly has a different agenda and seeks out the detained Inspector Deal to help her.  Now, with snow falling on Old New York City for the first time in decades, who really controls the formulary?

Though injured, the White Wizard leaves Anthony Farrow behind as he heads into New York in search of his daughter. He is almost lost in a blizzard not of his making, but is found by a kind local who takes him in.   Inspector Deal’s detention is more like a live autopsy where her memories are downloaded by an Assessor who cares only for the information she possesses.  Little does he realize that Chloe has found a new ally in Inspector Deal. It will be interesting to see how that develops.

If you’ve read my other reviews, then you know I’ve enjoyed this series quite a bit. One of the many reasons is the characters. All are complex with hidden agendas of which none are straight forward.  I love the fact that the White Wizard is torn between his love for his daughter and the Earth. One would think that a father would automatically protect his daughter, but when the entire world is at stake, who would you choose? I also like Inspector Deal for many of the same reasons. She is a product of her society and culture (which is harsh and unforgiving), does her job well, yet even when her superiors turn on her, she still wants to save humanity.  I certainly wouldn’t blame her if she switched sides.

A complex narrative with interesting characters, I highly recommend this series to any hardcore sci-fi fan.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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