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‘Hadrian’s Wall #2:’ Comic Book Review

The next installment of Image Comics’ sci-fi mystery, Hadrian’s Wall, is here once again in its second of eight parts. With the accidental death of crew member and former friend Edward Madigan, our protagonist Simon Moore has entered the purview of those who live and work on the survey ship, Hadrian’s Wall. This, as it was shown in the last issue, is a problem for many reasons and for many people, including Edward’s wife Annabelle, who just happens to have an ex-husband – Simon.

This twisting and turning mystery has a lot going for it so far, and this issue does a great job of introducing the next wrinkle in the mystery, as someone is going to great lengths to keep Simon from doing his job. Given that Simon’s investigation was more of a formality to verify the accidental nature of Edward’s death, his conclusion that it’s anything but accidental has ruffled some feathers on the ship, enough to get someone on board to sabotage Simon’s prescription pill supply.

So far, we know two things: Simon has the classic “hero with a rough moral center” personality type going for him, and that no one seems to want to give him the truth. With a mysterious person working from the shadows against Simon while he tries to figure out who killed someone he knew, this looks like it’s going to get way more complex before it gets any simpler.

Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel have already worked together before on C.O.W.L. with artist Rod Reis, and, together once again, the chemistry between them seems to be working out rather well. They’re telling a great story, and Reis is making it look great.

Not sure where this is going at this point in the story, but that kind of feels intentional. With six issues left, it’ll be wrapped up sooner rather than later, but I’m pretty excited to see where it goes. With all of space to explore, we’re locked in a small, hostile ship. And I, for one, think that’s pretty cool and something that I’m absolutely on board for.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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