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‘Harrow County #17:’ Comic Book Review

At this point, it’s hard for me to believe that there will ever be a disappointing issue of Harrow County. I have complete faith in Cullen Bunn’s vision for the world. The roots are so deep that every revelation, every turn, every detail feels natural, authentic, and unnerving.

In this issue we get some more backstory about one of the oldest and most powerful haints, shaped like a giant, black bull with four yellow eyes who lives quietly in the shadows of the woods of Harrow County. Its reason has been a mystery so far, but not for much longer. In the last issue, its presence alone was enough to scare off one of Emmy’s dangerous and powerful family members, which says a lot. Knowing what we know about the family, this issue builds a thick sense of dread for the next issue. What happened between the family and the bull? What will it mean for Emmy now?

Tyler Crook takes a break for this issue, but Carla Speed McNeil (art) and Jenn Manley Lee (color) are up to the task.

I don’t know what to say about this issue, except that Bunn continues to shift around chess pieces for an end game that I have no idea what it will look like or how far off it is, only that I’m buzzing with excitement with every step we take deeper into this world.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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