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‘Back to the Future #13:’ Comic Book Review

Back to the Future is…well…it’s back! 

IDW Publishing celebrates its first year of its ongoing Back to the Future comic book series, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about the alternate timelines they have brought us over the past year.  Many of these stories by writers John Barber and Bob Gale even filled the gaps in some loose holes from the original trilogy, but they’ve also gone even farther by giving us original backgrounds for some of the minor characters in the films. 

For example, last month in Back to the Future #12, we read a very interesting story called “How Needles Got Here,” which described why Marty and Needles were fighting in the first place.  Although, while Needles seems to always be seeking revenge on Marty, if you ask me, the roles should be reversed!  Due to his own insecurities, Needles was only ever mean to Marty to try and be his friend.  I’m curious to know what adventures they would have taken together had that timeline worked out…

This month, however, in Back to the Future #13, we begin another few-parter with “Who is Marty McFly, Part I.”  After all Marty has been through, he’s starting to forget who he really is.  What happened in his life?  And what didn’t?  What timeline is he even a part of anymore?  After a long chat with his dad, it’s a different kind of Father that Marty confides in while looking for answers.  But then, you’ll never guess who needs some answers of his own from Marty…

As mentioned earlier, John Barber and Bob Gale keep these wonderful storylines coming, but this series wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is without artwork by Emma Vieceli and colors by Ester Salguero.  This team reminds me of the artists behind the Archie comics, and I especially enjoyed this issue for even the simple reminder of such memories. 

Now, will some inventor just make a flux capacitor already so that we can go back in time and somehow stop Donald Trump!?

Until then,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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