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‘Reborn #1:’ Comic Book Review

What does it mean to believe in an afterlife? What does it mean for Mrs. Black when she believes everything that happens after death is “just fairy tales?” This notion of wondering whether anything exists now or after pulls the reader into this captivating story as the main character catalogues some of her best memories.

Reborn #1 immediately captures your attention with a violent sequence of events, somehow relatable to this Mrs. Black, and transforms your outlook on what to expect as you flip through the pages. Instead of focusing on the villain causing these crimes, writer Mark Millar and artist Greg Capullo create a world where all of your focus leads forward from one panel to the next. Millar not only introduces the main character with a name, he introduces her beliefs and how they will be shaken during the life-changing events in Reborn.

The smart, heartfelt dialogue pulls at a reader’s soul as these thoughts echo through the pages, “I’m so scared,” and “Don’t you believe in anything, Mrs. Black?” This immediate connection to the character makes this comic book easy to read and visually appealing from one memory to the next. Capullo, along with inker Jonathan Glapion and colorist Fco Plascencia, develop several different artistic viewpoints as they transition from past, present, and the mysteries ahead.

For those that wish to read Reborn #1 without any further descriptions, I recommend you STOP HERE.

Now, if you have read the first issue or you’ve decided to move forward and you’re okay with getting an idea of what to expect in this amazing first issue from Image Comics, then let’s continue.

These scenes range from faded, colorful memories to softer, muted tones of the real world to then a wonderful array of bright, bold colors that represent a beautiful and terrifying unknown being brought to reality. The reader is given a glimpse into this unknown realm within the first few pages. After the initial violent scenes leave several people dead, these very individuals awaken to a completely different world and it is visually stunning.

If you can imagine combining Lost and Lord of the Rings, you might have a better understanding. Okay, combine the backdrop of Lost, with the orc-like creatures from Lord of the Rings, and you might understand best. For those “dead” who are suddenly awake, they find themselves in the midst of a coming battle and it is overwhelming and disorienting to comprehend the magnitude of what just happened.

The first half of this book is crafted with memories and fears from Mrs. Black, while the second half catapults the reader into the unknown. It is a gripping tale that merges onto one of the most spectacular pages ever constructed. Artwork describes the transition from life to afterlife, and it is utterly breathtaking. Beautiful images and colors shatter against one another, demonstrating the level of creativity brought to this new series, and what to expect moving forward. If a series is totally dependent on a first issue bringing a unique story, beautiful artwork, and the intrigue leading to the next comic book in the series, then Reborn completely passes all grades with flying colors.

Reborn #1 is available now in print and digital form.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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