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‘Bounty #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Kurtis Wiebe, creator of Rat Queens, collaborates with Mindy Lee and Leonardo Olea to bring a space adventure to Dark Horse Comics. Bounty has a futuristic Robin-Hood-in-space kind of thing going on, along with some bright neon colors and one extremely funny robot, giving it an overall fun feel.

This story begins with a little summary to catch the readers up with the previous events in the series. Two sisters steal from the rich, until they have to make their fortunes from bounty hunting. It’s not to say their previous lifestyle wasn’t dangerous, but this particular comic book includes an array of mercenaries attempting to snatch one of them. It’s safe to say their new profession hasn’t gotten any easier.

Artist Lee and colorist Olea grab the reader’s attention immediately with bright red, yellow, blue, and green beaming from the page. If the title wasn’t bold enough, one of the main characters appears bigger than life, holding a gun with spiked hair, a mask, and a big smile. This might be an indicator that Redhawk might love her new career as a bounty hunter.

Not only do the creators bring bold colors throughout the story, they bring a collection of characters who seem to be genuinely close to each other. They seem to understand the risks of their exploits, but also intuitive enough to understand when one of them might be holding something back. Or it could be that one of them is a fantastic hacker and finds out the truth within a system of 0s and 1s.

Wiebe crafts these characters with the know-how to be prepared and escape from any dangers associated within their particular line of work. Granted, their first plan might not work or even their second, but you’ll soon know they will create as many plans as they need to get the job done. Along the way on one of their many plans, you’ll happen upon “Doctor Robot,” and this will be the funniest moment for sure. Let’s just say his bedside manner seems more appropriate for the mortuary.

Bounty includes witty dialogue, a collection of misfits, and some fight scenes showcasing how tough these characters can be. If you’re starting the series on this issue, you might not identify what’s happening immediately, but you’ll soon learn that these good guys have some serious style. They like what they’re doing, and they’re good at it.

Bounty #4 will be available on Wednesday, October 5, in print and digital form.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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