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‘Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes #1:’ Advance Comic Review

Sometimes, the joy of reading comics is all about pushing aside the question marks and whole-heartedly jumping into the crazy end of the pool. Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes #1 (Dark Horse) is a prime example of this. A natural crossover (Tarzan and apes always fit together), fans of both worlds can find enjoyment in this new world.

Writers Tim Seeley and David Walker make no apologies for their work; in fact, they bring the reader into this mash-up universe as if it’s always existed. The action starts on page one, before providing the reader a bit of comic relief, and then guides them into the tension of the story. The writers rush the reader through the work at a suitable pace with no stopping over for exposition. Some may desire more explanation of the time travel, while others are satisfied with what is presented, allowing their imagination to gift them the rest. The jumps in time can certainly leave one dizzy, and there are a few time-continuum issues for purists to take issue, but if read with an ounce of belief-suspension and two dashes of fun, it works.

The artwork is beyond reproach, with a warm, realistic feel that bodes well for this first issue. Every panel moves and sways exactly as it should, and all of the characters jump off the page, pulling the reader directly into the action. Fernando Dagnino (pencils) and Sandra Molina (colorist) work seamlessly together to immerse the comic in these two vastly different worlds of sci-fi and action/adventure.

In the end, this is a strong outing for the first comic in a five-issue series. There is a lot of room for where the creators might go with subsequent issues, a good sign for things to come for this clash of genres and well-loved characters.

Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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