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‘I Hate Fairyland #9:’ Comic Book Review

Will you just stand here?  Mind your chin on the trapdoor then…

Skottie Young returns to his drawing duties, and we’re given another fun turn as he explores one of the conventions he leans on heavily in this world: Larry’s Hat of Holding.  First off, this is the first he’s referred to it, so the name made my polyhedral-rolling self squee a bit, but it’s really entertaining that he takes the existence of it as an excuse to make an entire issue.  Having been adventuring in Fairyland for three decades, lot of things have ended up in this magic chapeau: critters, weapons, people, and an unspeakable evil or two.

How do you sideswipe a main character when she lives in a world where most anything can be brought to her fingertips?  Well, Young tosses her into the very magic place that allows for that particular skill.  Young’s wit is on display once again, and the sheer volume of delightful gags and sly references will bowl over anyone.  I really appreciate the snarky and scathing dialogue, as the script moves really well.  I always find myself laughing loudly to the nonsense that this book excels in, and even the lower-quality gags just make the bigger ones land all the better.  Skottie’s writing style puts very clear voices into my head, and the addition is welcome (if crowded).

The art style continues to be perfect for the series, innocent enough that the bawdy and bloody antics provide a continual dichotomy that makes for a wondrously demented piece of work to look at.  The cartoon feel and wonderful panel compositions make reading this book like watching your favorite after-school show from your youth.  With loud, expressive characters and a willingness to sell any one of them down the river for a gag, Young continues to deliver yucks in one of my favorite ongoing series.

This seems the be the best example of the new ongoing formula for this series, and everything works in just the way I would expect at this point.  If you love a little sarcasm with your fantasy world heroines, then you’ll be blessed with an abundance when this title hits your list.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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