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‘TMNT Universe #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

A little over two years ago, I began writing for Fanbase Press.  At the time, we were still called Fanboy Comics, but here I am, 96 reviews (This marks my 97th.) and 11 editorials later, and I couldn’t be prouder of both myself and the entire Fanbase team. 

Looking back, the universe I’ve written most about is, of course, those pizza-loving heroes-in-a-half-shell: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  And now, our four Renaissance brothers have a new storyline from the minds of Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz called TMNT Universe!  How exciting is that?!

In this new comic book series, we start off where any good comic book series should—in New York City!  The cops think they own this city, and mutants are more of a nuisance than heroes to them.  But with April O’Neil on the case to enlist Baxter Stockman on their side, things should go just smoothly, no? 

Wrong!  There’s a new baddie in town—a mutated scorpion of some sort—and even I don’t recall this evil-doer from the Turtle timelines of my childhood. 

But wait—there’s more!  Leonardo’s on his own in “Inside Out,” chasing one Foot Clan member who leads him to an entire army of Foot Soldiers.  Can Leo make it out of this situation alive?

Although the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books are usually told by Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz, our main story in TMNT Universe is written by Paul Allor, with beautifully detailed artwork by Damian Couceiro, and equally stunning colors from regular Ronda Pattison.  I’m already enthralled by Allor’s new tale, and I look forward to where this storyline will lead.  “Inside Out,” on the other hand, has more of a unique grunge feel to it, with artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz and colors by Tomi Varga. 

Either way, I hope this series turns into more than just a monthly miniseries, as it feels like a dark, new beginning to an already intricate universe. 

Until next issue,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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