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‘Cryptocracy #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

One of the most interesting series out there has added another issue to their story with the release of Cryptocracy #3. The story of the nine families that secretly rule the world has been a unique experience to read thus far,  especially given that it’s taken on a completely different plot than I expected.

The Van Jensen and Pete Woods product has taken the story of the nine families (focusing on the Mars province) and pitted them against each other, both physically and morally, despite a new threat entering the fray. With this new entity threatening to fulfill the fabled nine prophecies, it’s become more important than ever to work together, despite that being something that none of the families seem willing to do.

The writing on this book is fantastic, and this story is really taking shape in a crazy way. While I expected the series to take on a more outside perspective, making it a more insular tale between the families seems to be creating a really strong plot for these characters. Hopefully, some of those that exist outside the nine will come more into play, but for now, this story is playing out in an incredible way.

The art in this book is stellar, as well. It’s crisp with vibrant colors and incredibly interesting designs. I’ve said it before, but the bear in a dress shirt is one of the best things on the world. With the art style used, it’s one of the better-looking books out on the market right now.

This is really a book people should be reading. A unique story with great art and a well-synced team, it’s one of the truly unknown books that needs some attention.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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