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‘Last Mortal:’ Trade Paperback Review

What would you do if you discovered you couldn’t die? What would you do if you couldn’t die, but had nothing left to live for? What would you do if you couldn’t die, but could still get hurt really, really badly?

Alec is a lifelong loser and small-time criminal who always seems to have the worst luck. That luck comes in the form of Brian, his best friend, whose terrible schemes are what keeps ruining Alec’s life. When Brian gets in deep with the wrong people, he convinces Alec to help him assassinate a political candidate in order to square things with the people who have him over a barrel. Things quickly go south, and Brian is killed. Alec discovers, however, that he seems to be incapable of dying—much to his chagrin.

In the wake of the botched assassination, whole host of thugs, corrupt cops, and other ne’er-do-wells keep coming for Alec, but no matter how many times he’s shot, stabbed, or otherwise fatally hurt, he just gets right back up again. Unfortunately, his immortality doesn’t come with a healing factor, so these brushes with death result in some serious and nasty wounds.

This is a fairly interesting comic. The story meanders a little and isn’t always the best for explaining what’s going on, but at its core it’s fairly simple: Things go wrong. Alec gets killed. Alec gets up and tries to fix what went wrong. Repeat. It doesn’t lack for action or intensity, certainly.

One thing that makes this comic stand out is that it has a soundtrack—sort of. Several chapters include snippets of song lyrics that are either playing in the background of the scene or have something to do with the current action. Many of them are footnoted, as well, to let you know the name of the song and who the artist is. I wonder if it might enhance one’s enjoyment of the comic to create a playlist of these songs and listen to it while reading.

Even without the playlist, though, the comic is fairly enjoyable. It’s nothing mind-blowing or groundbreaking, but there’s plenty of action and twists and such to keep the reader on the hook. Definitely worth a read.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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