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‘Serving Supes #5:’ Comic Book Review

What do process servers who serve superheroes and villains do in their downtime? In the comic series Serving Supes, apparently, find themselves in more trouble—and love it.

When a thug comes after Juergen for payment of a hundred grand, no one can figure out why he owes such a large amount until Tammy discovers he has had his identity stolen. Instead of being upset, Juergen is flattered that someone would think he is special enough to have bothered to do such a thing.  Being a crime victim boosts his confidence so much that he decides to steal his own identity and become a new, cooler version of himself.   Clive agrees to find out who the culprit is, because he enjoys tormenting the “old” Juergen too much and his brother is too easy.  The real question is, who would steal Juergen’s identity?

The issue starts off with a bang and shows consistent humor throughout. I loved the fact the Juergen turned an awful situation inside out and made the best of it. The conflict between Clive, Cheech, and the rest of the gang on how to handle the “new” Juergen was very funny, and they all handled it in their own unique way.  I must admit my favorite part was a passing joke of when Tammy put the “Cars for Kids” ad song on Clive’s phone as his ringtone. (I don’t’ know if this is a national commercial or not, so anyone reading it outside of the Southern California region might not get it.)

Juergen has been underserved in previous issues, so I really liked that this issue focused on him. We begin to see subtle character development in Clive as he realizes that Juergen is his friend and not just an employee. Perhaps under that sarcastic exterior, Clive discovers the old Juergen (with some minor improvements) is worthy of saving. My only nitpick is that I would have liked to see Juergen retain a glimmer of his new persona, not only for character development, but for the comedic possibilities, as well. Perhaps Clive will take him under his wing in future issues and bring us an interesting combo of the new and old Juergen.

Good job, guys. I look forward to reading more about this band of crazies.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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